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Welcome to TheraCare Rehab

TheraCare Rehab (TCR) is an Outpatient rehabilitation clinic providing complete rehabilitation services to patients of all diagnosis, such as pain, physical disabilities, Pre or Post op Surgery cases, Work related injuries and  accident recoveries. Our Physical therapists are Licensed, highly-skilled, experienced Professionals whose goal is to help the patient achieve the highest level of functional independence as possible. Our therapists are offered contemporary advanced technical training so that you are offered the most current therapeutic rehabilitation techniques.


Decrease or eliminate pain.

Restore lost ROM and Strength.

Improve Endurance.

Regain diminished function partially or completely.

Increase independence in Activities of daily living.

Rebuild confidence and motivation to work towards recovery.

Help to adapt to any permanent physical changes.

Promote healing and improve circulation.

Overcome setbacks from disease, accidents, and aging, etc.,

Restore coordination and balance (static or dynamic).

Correct posture, Re-learn skills, Promote Flexibility

Regain or improve the ability of ambulation.

Relief from discomfort.

Prevention of injury.

Return to work after injury treatment.

Faster recovery from injuries.

Post-operative pain (chronic).

Vertigo / Vestibular Rehabilitation Program

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a specific approach of physical therapy aimed at decreasing dizzines

Anodyne Therapy Program

TheraCare Rehab treats people who have diabetes / wound healings suffering with numbness, pain

TMJ Treatment Program

We have a Certified TMJ Therapy specialist to treat TMJ disorder problems.

Physical Therapy for Neurogenic Bladder

With a Neurogenic Bladder, muscles and nerves are not working together to hold and release urine at the appropriate times.

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